Martin Cares, Navigating Covid-19

By Natalie Jones / 04.09.20 / 3 min read

Without a doubt, the past few months have brought unprecedented adjustments to our everyday lives, personally and professionally.

At Martin, our staff has embraced the digital working environment to maintain strong individual and collaborative work. We are proud of each professional on our team for demonstrating positive energy to overcome challenges and dedication to solidify Martin’s position as the leading commercial real estate company in Michigan.

Despite the changes in our lives, there has been a constant: Martin’s devotion to serving the community. We are focused on maximizing our presence to voice our confidence in fulfilling the community’s real estate needs as well as ensuring that we emphasize the importance of safety measures for all. As we gradually transition back to working in our office, we take the time to concentrate on what we can control and remind the community of precautions to take that will pave the way for continued relationships in the future.

How can we control our future?

By taking safety precautions to limit contact, we can lower our risk of infection.

Protecting yourself and others

  • Stay home if sick
  • Wear a mask
  • Keep distance, at least 6 feet apart
  • Cough etiquette
  • Don’t touch face
  • Wash hands



Martin understands the uncertainty that these times bring and chooses to carefully move forward. We aspire to retain trust from the community through persistent work and updates on information pertaining to the industry. As our team takes safety precautions, we encourage the community to do the same in order to build a successful future for all.