Greater Lansing: Navigating the COVID-19 Landscape

By Natalie Jones / 08.12.20 / 3 min read

Although the pandemic has created economic uncertainties about the future of Greater Lansing, the region’s history of perseverance sparks a positive outlook of celebrating gradual progress to come. Our own Chris Buck, director and chief operating officer at Martin, provided his insight on Greater Lansing.

“‘The Lansing region has a long history of collaboration and support,’ Buck said. ‘There are numerous examples of an article being published about a business experiencing a hardship and the community immediately rallies to help them out. While these are overwhelming times, Iā€™m optimistic that there will be unity and creativity to minimize the pain businesses and citizens are feeling.”‘

Chris noted that this long history is defined by a “strength of character” that makes any progress from here on out in Greater Lansing a win.

“‘With nearly 60 years of experience, Martin Commercial Properties has seen many times of uncertainty,'” Buck said. “‘Our property management team, in particular, has been immersed in communication between landlords and tenants as they each work to survive the financial challenges of the pandemic.'”

Chris explained that incorporating best practices while financially recovering is the priority. For instance, he mentioned that after-hours cleanings will be modified to fit adjusted business hours.

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