Chris Buck Offers Insight on Downtown Area in Lansing State Journal Article

By Natalie Jones / 06.22.21 / 3 min read

The vacancies in downtown Lansing resulting from a rise in working remotely and shopping online may remain for a long time. However, the openings create several opportunities for new uses. While industrial space is still in high demand due to the growth of e-commerce, downtown Lansing has decreased its footprint for office space by over 130,000 square feet. The retail sector in Lansing has a vacancy rate well above other areas.

Chris Buck, Senior Managing Director & Chief Operating Officer, provided his thoughts about how retail side of commercial real estate has emerged from the pandemic along with the potential for office space. Since joining Martin, Chris has shared his insight in the local economic landscape, especially the state of downtown Lansing throughout the pandemic.

Take a look below to see what he thinks about the area!

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