Your Go-To Guys in Property Management: Martin’s Maintenance Team

By Ann Kammerer / 02.23.22 / 3 min read

Their work starts well before most businesses open their doors. In fact, the Maintenance Team at Martin Commercial Properties works around-the-clock, ready to address the upkeep of properties managed and often times leased by Martin.

Ed Bullard and Jerry Masters oversee the nearly 15-member crew, drawing on their rich histories in grounds keeping and maintenance. Bullard joined Martin in 1989. Masters in 2001. Both rose through the ranks to become senior maintenance technicians who share management responsibilities for their area within Martin’s Property Management division. 

“This job is all about dedication,” said Bullard. “We’re out there in the winter when it’s cold. We’re here in the summer when it’s blazing hot. We’re there to answer the emergency call at 3 a.m. or on a weekend. We have a good team who regards every property we serve as our own.”

Masters builds on the thought, emphasizing the team’s expertise and pride.

“We like to think we’re providing a form of stress management for property owners,” said Masters. “We’re their point person when something needs attending to, which means they don’t have to deal with 10 different people.”

A Portfolio of Properties

The Martin maintenance crew serves millions of square feet, with over 100 properties ranging from retail centers and office buildings to industrial warehouses throughout Michigan. Team members perform a full slate of services from grounds to maintenance, and contract with trusted vendors while overseeing larger projects. Each crew member is assigned a portfolio of properties, enabling them to understand the particular needs, characteristics, and tenants of each facility.

“We also get to know the people and companies who occupy the building, and they are the reason we’re in business,” said Masters. “We’re extremely service-oriented, and do our utmost to listen to their needs and deliver quality services.”

Predictive and preventive maintenance is central to the crew’s approach and crucial to maintaining the property’s value. Staff are cross-trained across job categories, with efficiency and safety top-of-mind. Bullard and Masters said, too, that their team has a “sixth sense” in detecting problematic situations before they arise, particularly those related to plumbing, electrical and HVAC.

Communication is key to smooth operations. Crew members check-in daily with one other, and cap the week with a Friday meet-up. Bullard and Masters work closely with Martin property managers, and relay details to their team.

“Our team is skilled at predicting issues before they happen,” Bullard said. “They know what kinds of things to look for, what kinds of questions to ask, and when to enlist the services of vendors to service or repair systems.”

A Deep Bench

As long-time residents of Mid-Michigan, Martin crew members have developed a deep bench of trusted, licensed vendors to attend to complex repairs or installations. Among those are Anderson Service, Myers Plumbing and Heating, Warner Electric, and B&D Electric, each of whom have decades-long relationships with the Martin team. 

“Having a strong relationship with vendors is crucial,” said Bullard. “Like our staff, some vendors have an extensive history of working within particular buildings, while others have specific knowledge and expertise of certain systems. Because of that, we know exactly who to call and when, and know their work will be exceptional.”

Martin’s expertise in all areas of property management has contributed to the growing list of long-term clients. Many are among the more familiar names in Lansing’s business circles, including enterprises and properties owned by the Baryames, Fata and Eyde families.

“It’s fun to get to know and understand the role that families and individuals have played in the economic development of Greater Lansing,” said Masters. “We get to meet so many interesting people, and it’s an honor to help manage and maintain their properties.”