Two-Way Conversion Project to Provide Smooth Travel Throughout Lansing

By Natalie Jones / 01.14.21 / 3 min read

Several developments in Lansing are bound to elevate the community in 2021, including a new project that focuses on the city’s streets.

The City of Lansing has plans to change the rest of the one-way streets in downtown Lansing to two-way streets. Visitors of Lansing will benefit from this transformation in the following ways:

  • Easier and less confusing navigation
  • Fewer vehicle/pedestrian conflicts
  • Improved livability in the residential areas
  • An increase in property values

Additionally, the changes to Lansing’s streets will facilitate employees’ commute to work when more people return to their space in office buildings.

Recently, we looked at developments to watch for in Greater Lansing this year, featuring two projects that Martin represents. The City of Lansing’s street transformation will facilitate access to multiple developments such as the Louie and Block 600.

The Louie

Formerly known as the Farnum building, “The Louie” is named after Louie Boji, chair of the Boji Group. One tenant has already moved into the building, and tenants in the future may include lobbying and public relations firms. The Boji Group has invested $20 million in renovations that are expected to wrap up in early 2021.

Block 600

Block 600 opened in October of 2020, and it consists of three features: lofts, a hotel, and a grocery store. The 150,590 square foot development was led by the Gillespie Group, and it is located along Michigan Ave. Its lofts add 40 residential apartments to Lansing, and the 122-room Courtyard by Marriott hotel is the first to open in downtown Lansing since 1986. Capital City Market offers a variety of Meijer and local products that are fresh and convenient, alleviating the “food desert” in the city.

The changes to Lansing’s streets will support new developments in the city, creating easier travel to and from many features that improve the quality of life for the community. To read our sources, click here:

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